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Money Is Still A Major Issue (2005)

Everybody Get Up Rah Rah Shake Culo Remix Mil Amores Turnin Me On Remix She’s Hotter Get to Poppin (Remix) Might Be the Polic Who U Rollin' With Dammit Man (Remix) Oh No He Didn’t Toma (DJ

M.I.A.M.I. (2004)

305 Anthem (with Lil Culo (with Lil Jon) She’s Freaky Shake It Up (with Toma (with Lil Jon/Fat I Wonder (with Oobie) Get On The Floor Oobie) Dirty (with Bun B) Dammit Man (with Piccalo)

El Mariel (2006)

Intro Miami Shit Come See Me Jealouso Que Tu Sabes D’Eso Fat Joe & Sinful Skit) Be Quiet Ay Chico (Lengua Afuera) Fuego Rock Bottom (feat. Bun & Cubo — Amanda Skit) Blood Is Thicker

The Boatlift (2007)

A Little Story (Intro) Go Girl (feat. Trina Young Boss) Dukey Love (feat. Trick & Fabo) I Don’t See 'Em Cubo & AIM) Midnight (feat. Casely) Ying & The Yang The Anthem (feat. Lil' The Truth

Rebelution (2009)

Triumph (feat. Avery Storm) Shut It Down (feat. I Know You Want (Calle Ocho) Girls Full Of Shit (feat. & Bass III Euro) Dope Ball (Interlude) Can’t Stop Me Now Hotel Room Service Juice Box Call